Saturday, June 22, 2013

Top 5 ‘Value for Money’ Phones.

While looking for "Value for Money" phones, for children and teenagers, it’s important to think about what’s affordable, but also high quality.

Phones with low monthly contracts, or efficient pay as you go deals, can sometimes be difficult to justify if they lack basic smartphone features and other settings. However, there are a growing number of affordable phones at the mid and entry level of the market, which ranges from the Motorola RAZR i to the Nokia Asha 201.


This Motorola phone is recommended if you want a high quality handset that’s a few price brackets lower than a Samsung or Apple smartphone – the RAZR i comes with a 2 GHz processor, an 8 MP camera, and the latest version of Android, as well as an impressive battery life of 2,000 mAH. The phone also has an edge to edge screen that takes up almost the whole face of the handset, and can be found for deals of £21 a month with T Mobile, £19 a month with Virgin Mobile, or just £17 a month with Three.

HTC Windows Phone 8S

Designed to be used by smartphone fans that want an effective but not overly expensive phone, the Windows Phone 8S is perhaps best for younger teenagers that are waiting for an upgrade. You can pay less than £200 for the HTC hand set, which comes with 512 MB of storage, a Super LCD screen, apps, and basic contacts and text messaging features. You won’t have a phone that can compete with the top end of the market, but for affordable usage, the 8S is a good investment.

Samsung Galaxy Fame

An entry level take on the bestselling Samsung brand, the Galaxy Fame is available as a handset for less than £170, enabling SIM only deals; smaller than the average Samsung, the Fame has a 3.5 inch screen, a 1 GHz processor, and a 5 MP camera, as well as a screen resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Users get basic apps and smartphone features, making the Fame an excellent bridge to more expensive phones at an older age – deals include £17 monthly contracts from O2, and £10 budget offers from Orange.

Huawei Ascend G300

This budget Android phone retails as a handset for less than £100, and like the Samsung Galaxy Fame, gives you a stripped down smartphone experience; a 1 GHz processor is used for a phone with a 4 inch screen, basic apps and a camera, and options for low cost monthly tariffs. Contracts for the phone are, however, primarily tied to Vodafone, with a sub-£100 price tag allowing you to set up an inexpensive, pay as you go deal with the network.

Nokia Asha 201

Ideal for younger phone users, the Asha 201 includes basic apps and a calling and messaging interface – you can find the handset for less than £50 on pay as you go, which will get you a 2.4 inch screen, no 3G, but a few apps – the Asha 201 is consequently a good idea if you want to get a phone for an older child that won’t rack up high charges, but that can still be used. Orange offer monthly contracts from about £10.50, while T Mobile’s deal involves the same tariff with 50 minutes of free calls, 250 free texts, and 250 MB of data over GPRS.



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