Saturday, July 6, 2013

Aakash IV released for feedback.

The next version of the world’s cheapest computer tablet will boast features close to that of a Google Nexus 7, but could be more expensive than the current price of Rs 2,263.

The specifications of the third generation of Aakash (or Aakash 4) were released by the department of electronics and information technology (DeitY) on Monday and, according to HRD ministry officials, it will be priced at roughly Rs 3,000. Unlike in the past, the tender for Aakash 4 will carry minimum specifications that the computer tablet has to meet. The bid winner/manufacturer will have the liberty to equip the tablet with more advanced features.

Aakash 4 is definitely an improvement over Aakash 2 as the specifications suggest. In terms of CPU performance, Aakash 4 will have a minimum of 3537 Antutu Benchmark score. According to Arun Prabhudesai, author of popular blog, this score would make the tablet comparable to Google Nexus 7, which has a score of 3679 on Antutu Benchmark. The Antutu Benchmark is an application that gauges the speed and performance of Android based mobile devices.

Among other features, Aakash 4 will weigh less than 500 grams and have at least 4GB internal storage, external storage of 32 GB, a 7-inch display screen, dual-bootable operating system (Ubuntu distro along with Android Jelly Bean), a battery which will support at least three hours for online 720p video playback and minimum five hours on web browsing.

Reports appearing in the media suggest that the next generation Aakash tablet will come with far better display quality than the present version. Someone mentioned it as current version. But to be true no version of the tablet is available in the market and was never available in stores in the market. Rumors suggest that the next generation tab will support internet connectivity via WiFi and 2G, 3G, or 4G internet dongle and also support external keyboard and mouse.

Aakash was first launched one and half years ago by former HRD minister Kapil Sibal and was touted as the world’s cheapest computer tablet at a price of Rs 2,750 per unit.
After that the tablet was revamped with better features and was even re-launched as Aakash 2 at a lower price of Rs 2,263 per unit in November last year.



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